Bob Löwenberg

Professor of Haematology, Department of Haematology, Erasmus University Medical Centre, Rotterdam
Prof. Löwenberg is the author of 700+ peer reviewed publications and Editor-in-Chief of Blood. He has served on the editorial boards of the New England Journal of Medicine, the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Leukaemia, and the British Journal of Haematology. Prof. Löwenberg’s research interests focus on experimental haematology, stem cell transplantation, and the treatment and pathology of leukaemia.

Prof. Löwenberg has received of a number of awards including the Dr. P Muntendam Cancer Prize of the Netherlands Cancer Society and the Jacqueline Seroussi Memorial Foundation for Cancer Research Award for scientific contributions in the field of leukaemia.

He has numerous society affiliations including: Founder and Past President of European Haematology Association (EHA); President of the International Society of Experimental Hematology; President of the International Society of Hematology; Chairman of the Medical Advisory Council of the Dutch Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences