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bioTheranostics develops and provides innovative oncology tests to support targeted disease management. CancerTYPE ID®, an objective and standardized molecular cancer classifier, can provide molecular data to help identify the primary site of a tumor. CancerTYPE ID classifies 30 main tumor types and 54 histological subtypes, providing the greatest scope and depth of tumor types and subtypes commercially available. CancerTYPE ID provides molecular classification of cancers with indeterminate, uncertain, or differential diagnoses. Clinical applications of CancerTYPE ID include:
  • Identifying the primary site
  • Indeterminate or differential diagnosis
  • Atypical presentation
  • Poorly differentiated tumors
  • Limited biopsy tissue
  • New primary vs. recurrence

The test uses real-time RT-PCR to measure the expression of 92 genes in a patient’s tumor, and classifies the tumor by matching the gene expression pattern of the tumor to a reference database of known tumor types and histological subtypes consisting of 2,206 tumor specimens. Probability scores are then generated by an algorithm.

Breast Cancer Index™ is a prognostic biomarker that provides quantitative assessment of the likelihood of distant recurrence in patients with ER+, LN- breast cancer. EGFR, KRAS, and BRAF Mutation Tests are also available through bioTheranostics.